Toy machine at Stokeplaza

Huge thanks to the Toy Machine US pro team that came to session the plaza, during their Euro Lurk Fest Summer Tour on Tuesday 31st July. Amazingly, we got the most awesome day’s weather! The shop signing at Dazed Skateshop went well and the skate session, that followed, saw some amazing stuff! Footage and photos […]

Skate schools

Thanks to all who attended this summer’s ‘Skate-School’, we hope you had a good time, picked up a few tips and got inspired to carry on skating etc??!! Also, a huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped out doing the teaching etc and Youth Services for supporting and working on this, with the SAS. […]

Go skateboarding day

A massive thanks to all who braved the torrential rain spells during this year’s ‘Go Skateboarding’ day. It was a real let down but we tried! Big thanks to the sponsor which played a big role in this years event. After the first big pour down, a few of us took on the multi-storey car […]

Team Of The Plaza’ competition

Keep your eyes open, when you are at the plaza, for the riders of the four local teams- Clone, Autumn, Simple and Shire, as they may be filming for the ‘Team Of The Plaza’ competition. Basically, I have set some plaza based challenges that they will need to complete for points (a bit like KOTR) and get them on film. Around mid-November, […]