All skatepaths

SKATEPATHS‘ and STOKEPLAZA– ( Central Forest Park )

Purpose built ‘street’ spots for your enjoyment!

Longton- (Longton Park, Queens Park Rd.)

All concrete. Big flat bank, good size driveway with rail, wide 5ft quarter and two different levelled ledges.

Cheadle- (Tean Rd., Recreation Ground)

Mellow flat banks, a steep driveway, a nice little mini ramp. Could do with some ledges but its not bad at all.

Congleton- (behind Leisure Centre)

All concrete. Good flat bank, a nice block, nice size quarters and a well good mini ramp. Driveway a bit on the small size but great for learning stuff on!

Biddulph– (Mill Hayes playing fields)

A metal type of surface. Nice layout with all the usual bits of kit to play on. Well nice, mellow, really wide mini-ramp. Quarters and driveway with rail and some mellow banks and a couple of ledges etc. Not brilliant, but worth a visit!

Crewe– Platform 1 Skatepark/plaza- (Tipkinder, Crewe)

Another plaza style park, only 20-30mins from Stoke!! All the expected street style objects- stairs, banks, rails etc and a nice two leveeled bowl.

Street spots……….


Hanley Museum- (Bethesda St.)

Quite a few sets of different size steps. Warm up and improve your skills on the smaller ones and work up to having a go at the double sets!!
Also the walls are all transitioned for a bit of extra fun, but it is mega whippy tight!

Hanley Library- (Bethseda St.)

Two sets of six steps. Also there is a small handrail, but watch the landing!

Bethseda Church – (Bethseda St.)

Big ledge/wall on the perimeter.

“The Potteries” shopping centre- (Town Rd.)

Again, stairs of different levels and handrails of pro proportions.
No good in the daytime, too many shoppers etc.

Bus Station- (Lichfield St./Charles St.)

Sets of stairs and a little rail.

Aldi/Burger King car park- (Etruria Rd.)

Nice wide open space with loads of manual pads and kerbs.

Creations night club- (Etruria Rd.)

Just across the road from Aldi, a nice set of steps to launch yourself off with a wicked ledge to wax up too!

‘Mr. Chan’s’ bank- (Clough St.)

Massive steep bank for bombing down and popping tricks into- watch out for the kerb at the bottom though!!

John Street multi-storey car park- (John St.)

If it’s raining, this place is your saviour. Not much to go at but it’s shelter! Take your own rail or block down there!!

Northwood Flats- (Bucknall New Rd.)

Lots of small ledges, walls and kerbs etc.

Royal Doulton- (Festival Park)

Near/behind ‘Waterworld’- good sized wood chip gap with curbs at the top and bottom, also loads of many pads from small islands to big ones.


‘The docks’– (Merrial St.)

These loading bays are great for flying off and a nice smaller one, about 18” high for practising stuff.
No good in the daytime but Sundays, all day, or night time is cool.

St.John Fisher school- (Ashfields New Rd.)

Three metal benches to skate, a little hip and loads of flatland to skate on the playground.

Chesterton Bowling Green- (Castle St.)

Long set of steps with a nice big run up. In the park area here is a council built skate facility. A big driveway but with no drop ins so you need plenty of legs!!

Keele University- (Keele Rd.)

Loads of steps and ledges for you to discover! Try your skills on the Hubba ledge!!

Seabridge Community Centre- (Roe Lane)

A few sets of steps and a gap. A bit of a bust though!!

Andrew Place- (George St.)

Little sets of steps and a huge gap onto the pavement- watch the main road though!! Recently been ‘done-up’ with those concrete balls to skate, new smooth surface and a couple of doable rails.

‘Choices’ Carpark- (Barracks Road)

Here there’s a good 4-set, hidden behind a wall and a nice little grass/plant patch to ollie over. Good for little warm ups before going into Newcastle centre. Best to skate it on a Sunday or evenings.


Kwik Save car park- (The Strand)

Can only skate when the store is closed but there is a good set of flat bar/metal ledge/rails of different heights. All good for grinds and slides etc.
Also the main car park next to this spot has a good wide open space, manual pads and a few ledges and stairs to have a go at.

Gladstone pottery museum car park- (Chadwick St.)

Manual pads/kerbs.

Sommerfield car park- (Ednesor Rd.)

O.G. spot from the eighties! Again flat land and manual pads, nice wall to ollie/flip over and also at the back there’s an old factory building with a loading bay and a rail.

Tesco extra car park- (Bath Road)

Manny pads, smooth flatland and some good benches to skate.


Trentham Lakes estate- (off Trentham Rd.)

Nice little mini ramp to session and the benches aren’t bad either!


Kwik Save loading bay- (Victoria Rd.)

Concrete loading bay/block with metal edge! Also bigger loading bay for big ollies/drops etc. Well worth a look at!


“Ceramica” building- (Waterloo Rd.)

Big block steps and some metal topped, odd shaped benches. A bit awkward to get a run at but worth a visit. The ledges have now been ‘knobbed’ and so no good for slides/grinds. Still not bad for popping stuff off though.

The benches- (Waterloo Rd.)

Two super smooth concrete benches. Sometimes get hassle from the pub opposite and only can skate when there’s no parked cars.


Pub benches- (High St.)

Wicked benches to play on but a bit of a bust from the pub.

Matalan ‘mannys’- (off Scotia Rd.)

Nice sloping manny pad with a mini hip.


Stoke Station bank- (Station Rd.)

A bit hard to get on as you have to take your run up on the main road (probably best on Sundays?)

Civic Offices- (Glebe St..)

Good sets of steps and some good benches by the entrance. Doesn’t get skated much but it’s alright. Also around the corner is the Kings Hall entrance, where there is a few blocks and benches and a few new blocks by Harry’s Bar. Also, a chunky round 8 stair rail, good run up front side for regular skaters. There is an up bank landing which has busted a few of the local rail rippers so beware!

Britannia Stadium- (Off A50)

Some well smooth flat land, a little bank on the car park and the mintest sets of stairs but take some thin ply to cover the bumps on the run up!

Sainsburys Car Park- (London Rd.)

Super smooth, a couple of metal benches and manny pads.


Garage Skate Spot (Westlands St/Fredrick Avenue)

Garage actually located by the shop not on the estate of the shop. A 3-foot garage drop with enough run up but scary role away. Good ground but beware if its been raining. Climb up from the back end on a wall, a favourite with the locals and is do-able!


‘Roof Gaps’- (near Fire Station)

Two medium sized roof gaps perfect run ups and landings, rough but fast surface, so take care! A well good spot the only decent roof gaps around. Hard to find but well worth a look!!!